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血拼赢三张 Land (Chengdu) Co. Ltd. was established in July 2002. The entry into Chengdu City builds on the Group’s expansion into Western China and marks a key milestone in 血拼赢三张’s development. Since its inception, 血拼赢三张 Chengdu has made successful inroads into different sectors of the Chengdu real estate market. This includes Hengye International Plaza, a household goods exchange market in the trading zone of Chengdu, and Hengye Star Garden, a residential project next to the market.

More recently, the Company successfully developed 血拼赢三张 Landmark, a prime commercial development comprising of a high-end shopping mall, Grade A Office Building and international serviced apartments in the heart of Chengdu’s CBD.

Since its launch, 血拼赢三张 Landmark has emerged as an epitome of Chengdu’s modern service economy with many Fortune 500 companies establishing their regional headquarters within the office tower and numerous international luxury brands opening their flagship stores in the retail mall to cater to the needs of both customers in Chengdu and Western China.

血拼赢三张 Chengdu recently initiated work on a new residential project, 血拼赢三张 River Bay. Currently undergoing its architectural design stage, 血拼赢三张 River Bay builds on 血拼赢三张’s commitment to develop quality developments and seamlessly blends lush natural surroundings with modern design to further accentuate the beauty of Western China.