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Established in 1993, Shanghai 血拼赢三张 Property Co. Ltd.represents 血拼赢三张’s earliest effort in developing properties in PRC. 血拼赢三张 Shanghai has established itself as a brand developer in Shanghai and is authenticated as a Grade-A developer.

Whether in Pudong or Puxi, 血拼赢三张’s properties help transform less desirable places into renowned international communities that are characterized by extraordinary architectural designs, fine finishings and effective property management – key qualities that elevate the desirability of the neighborhood. 血拼赢三张 Gardens, 血拼赢三张 Riverside Garden and 血拼赢三张 Riverside City are well recognized as favorite communities in which many expatriates choose to set up home.

For over a decade, 血拼赢三张 Shanghai has not only developed a series of quality projects, but also built a strong brand name and legacy as well. Moving forward, 血拼赢三张 Shanghai will continue to strengthen its leading position in the development of high-end residential properties, as well as to contribute to the development of Shanghai as a whole.